Novel bike light


Blaze Laserlight

I like pretty much everything about this – the idea, the way it was promoted on Kickstarter (did I mention I am a bit of a fan?) and most of all, the attitude of Emily Brooke, the founder of Blaze.  Respect and I wish them every success.


Vespa Museum, Pontadera, Italia


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Autumn last year, after a few failed attempts (and the occasional mis-direction from their website), we finally made it to Pontadera in Italy to experience the classic Vespa museum.  Piaggio really have something here and it’s amazing that this iconic … Continue reading

Mudguards, mudguards, mudguards


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Mudguards.  I obsess over mudguards (actually I obsess over anything to do with bicycles), get really frustrated when they don’t fit properly, and often spend hours creating hybrids from the numerous bits in the garage.  And then I take them … Continue reading