Audi TT Mk2 Roadster bike rack

My daughter wanted a simple and light bike rack for the back of her Audi TT and we looked everywhere for something that might fit.  Tried loads of forums and all the main online retailers, who all said it couldn’t be done.  Well I beg to differ – this is is cheap, feels very solid and she finds it really easy to hook up. Available from Wiggle here.


And so to the better guys…

By way of a balance to my previous post, I thought it appropriate to mention that there are some truly amazing retailers online.  Yes, I should have done my homework before attempting the ‘Hindegate‘ debacle and having learnt my lesson (and now being in possession of my money) I duly began the search for a decent, respectable supplier of handbuilt wheels.

I’d always had pretty good experiences dealing with Merlin Cycles but was completely unaware that they offered a custom wheel building services until I read a few reviews and did a bit of digging around their website (it’s not immediately obvious).  These guys have a great reputation, the wheels were a competitive price, and I was informed that it was likely to take around 8 days for such a service (hell I’d waited three months for the other guys and seriously considered contacting Matt Allwright at Rogue Traders).

I duly paid with Paypal (a bit of extra protection) and held my breath.  For just five days.  I picked up my fabulous new hoops from the posty on Thursday and have to say that they’re just what I was after – Ultegra hubs, 32 spokes and Mavic Open Pro hubs.  Easy to service, reliable and perfect for winter cycling.

A huge thanks to Merlin for restoring my faith.  Highly, highly recommended.

Maintenance and Weather


It’s been a long and eventful summer, which means unfortunately that my photography, cycling and blog post have all taken a back seat.  Just wanted to assure everyone that I’m still here and just to prove it, above are 2 photos of outrageously rusty chains following our group ride along the seafront on Guernsey’s west coast in horrendous weather.  These are complimented nicely by the contents of Andrea’s saddle bag – normally we keep tyre levers, spare tubes and CO2 cannisters in there, but a women’s prorities can be a little different 😉

more to follow.  if it ever stops raining.