Another new year


Welcome 2015

2014 was a very busy year for a variety of reasons – photography trips to Paris, time spent in Tuscany, more time visiting new towns in the UK, buying a new car (a Meccano kit really), spending way too much time working and a bit of unexpected time in hospital.  All of this meant I neglected both my blog and, to some extent, photography.  The cycling was always here but not the the same extent as I would have chosen.

2015 will be different.


  1. More cycling
  2. More photography
  3. More quality time with the family
  4. More sleep
  5. More blogging

Happy New Year all!


Maintenance and Weather


It’s been a long and eventful summer, which means unfortunately that my photography, cycling and blog post have all taken a back seat.  Just wanted to assure everyone that I’m still here and just to prove it, above are 2 photos of outrageously rusty chains following our group ride along the seafront on Guernsey’s west coast in horrendous weather.  These are complimented nicely by the contents of Andrea’s saddle bag – normally we keep tyre levers, spare tubes and CO2 cannisters in there, but a women’s prorities can be a little different 😉

more to follow.  if it ever stops raining.


I’d just like to thank my wife for putting up with me, my family, the director, the producers, crew and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention at such an emotional time (blub, gush etc.).  But most of all I’d like to thank Jon, Richard and Andrea, without whom none of this would be possible.  I’m truly humbled. 

Cheers guys.